Education, public policy, law enforcement, and crippling inflation- led by unprecedented governmental overreach, may have won the day in elections in Virginia, New Jersey, Minnesota, and elsewhere where the theme remained the same.  After a year of debate based on the fringe elements, the public has spoken and pushed back in the blue state of New Jersey and the state of Virginia which has trended Democratic not having elected ANY republican officeholders state-wide since 2009. 

The public also voted against disbanding the police department in Minnesota in favor of a Department of Public Safety which would have had a minimum number of police.  In Seattle, Buffalo, and New York, law and order mayoral candidates appeared to also beat candidates in favor of defunding the police.

Illinois shows us what Democrats do when they have unified control.  After spending a year hurting small businesses, the Democratic legislature convened its most extreme session yet. They refused to deal with issues of run-away inflation, crushing regulation and tax burden on small businesses, rising crime thanks to an assault on law enforcement, and continued to erode parental rights in favor of an all-powerful state.  They made a mockery of the census data and Congressional maps, disenfranchising Illinoisans to protect and preserve their own power.  Democrats who campaigned on a “return to normalcy” have pursued an agenda that is anything but “normal” and the swing voters who voted for “unity” have become an afterthought.  After two decades as the ruling party, governmental overreach is at an all-time high. 

Voters on the east coast have said enough is enough and it is time for us to stand up and say the same.  The same can be done in Illinois and the time is now.  Never have the stakes been higher.  It is time to take power back from the entrenched politicians and return it to working families.  The residents of Virginia and elsewhere have spoken. Join me, my family, my friends, and fellow conservatives, and let’s make Illinois the next success story!

Scott Gryder, Kendall Pac

Join Illinois

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