Kendall Pac is a political action committee (PAC) founded to help elect and retain candidates in Kendall County, Illinois that support the position to defend and advance the foundational ideas of America – the core principles of liberty, limited government, fiscal responsibility, and free markets while serving the needs of the constituents of the county in which they serve.

For Our County, For Our Future



The purpose of government is to preserve and increase the freedom of the American people and should remain limited in size and scope.

Spending & Taxes

Kendall County elected officials must administer leadership to reduce spending, maintain a balanced budget, and advance pro-growth tax policies while addressing the growing obligation of high property taxes

Unwavering Communities

Keeping our communities safe requires unwaveringly support of law enforcement and programs that foster a positive climate between the police, the community, and businesses.

Small Business

Small businesses are the core of the Kendall County economy. There must be support to allow them to grow and create more jobs.

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